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Men Choose Respect

MEN CHOOSE RESPECT provides an early intervention and comprehensive support plan to men, and those who identify as men, who want to change their use of abuse and violence towards an intimate partner and contribute to safe, respectful, caring relationships in their families.

The program is a self-referred men’s group offering practical help based on the most up-to-date research and techniques. The aim of this program is to promote accountability in order to stop the use of abuse in the intimate relationships of participants.

The Men Choose Respect Program supports men through:

  • A one-on-one intake session
  • 9 weekly 2-hour men’s group sessions
  • Resources and program referrals

The weekly sessions take a respectful, non-blaming approach, focusing on future goals and solutions. The experienced co-facilitators have training in conflict resolution, trauma informed practice, coaching and mentoring.

If this program would be helpful for you or someone you know, email us directly here, or phone +1.604.223.5876.

If you are in need of safety, or you are in crisis, or you require support, please call our Help Line ANYTIME at +1.604.485.9773.