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Poverty Law Advocacy

The POVERTY LAW ADVOCACY PROGRAM provides free, confidential legal information, advocacy and referrals to low-income residents of the qathet region. In partnership with the Law Foundation of BC, the advocate provides support in the following areas:

Disability benefits: Provincial Persons with Disability (PWD); Federal CPP-Disability (CPP-D)

Tenancy issues: Dispute Resolution process and  Residential Tenancy Branch Hearings

Income assistance: Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction applications; Rent bank; Community crisis grants

Seniors issues: Old Age Security; CPP; GIS

Debt and consumer law:  Looking at options and solutions

Human rights issues: BC Human Rights Tribunal

Low income housing: Applications with BC Housing

Employment law: Workers’ Rights; Employment Standards Act

Family law: Information and referral only

Within these areas of service, the Poverty Law Advocate can help you:

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities
  • Identify deadlines and limitation periods
  • Clarify your goals and options
  • Review legislation, statutes and regulations to Assess the likelihood of success
  • Get started with applications, reconsiderations and appeals
  • Communicate with landlords, government agencies, creditors and decision makers
  • Prepare for hearings, tribunals and your first meeting with a lawyer
  • Address systemic issues that affect you as a member of a marginalized group
  • Understand your right to be heard and the likelihood of judicial review
  • Locate other helpful resources

An advocate is not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice

For information, or to make an appointment please call +1.604.485.0950.

You may also email us directly here.