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Stopping the Violence Counselling

The STOPPING THE VIOLENCE COUNSELLING (STVC) Program offers free one-on-one counselling and support to women who have experienced violence and abuse.

We provide counselling to women who may have experienced a single recent incident of physical, emotional or sexual abuse or to women who are trauma survivors, often with a lifetime of abuse issues. We offer non-judgemental confidential counselling support to women 19 years and older and to teens living an adult lifestyle.

(1) One-on-one counselling addresses issues such as:

  • Recognizing and understanding the dynamics of abuse
  • Exploring the impact of past and current abuse
  • Understanding trauma, grief and loss
  • Self-care
  • Learning new coping and assertiveness skills
  • Strengthening self-confidence and self-worth

(2) Regular meetings of Women Support Groups focus on the same issues as individual counselling. Support groups also explore safety planning, boundary setting, and healthy relationships.

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